New Release Highlight, Reviews

New Release Highlight: VESPERTINE

Image Credit: Margaret K. McElderry Books Margaret Rogerson's newest standalone fantasy Vespertine fuses elements of Gideon the Ninth and Marvel's Venom into a poignant, cathartic story about learning to see the best in others -- and in yourself -- when the world has given you every reason to doubt. The heroine is also possessed by… Continue reading New Release Highlight: VESPERTINE

Reviews, Test of Time


Image Credit: Houghton Mifflin Welcome to Test of Time! This new bi-monthly series examines classic science-fiction and fantasy with a modern reader's eye. Which books have aged gracefully, and which ones maybe need to keep gathering dust on your shelf? Let's find out. In 1968, author Ursula Le Guin published A Wizard of Earthsea. This… Continue reading Test of Time: A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA

New Release Highlight, Reviews

New Release Highlight: IRON WIDOW

Image Credit: Penguin Teen In this blistering debut, a peasant girl's revenge on her sister's murderer, a mecha pilot, carries her to the top of a futuristic world gripped by greed and misogyny -- a world totally unprepared to meet its match in a ruthless, ambitious Iron Widow. Xiran Jay Zhao was already one of… Continue reading New Release Highlight: IRON WIDOW