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Image Credit: Greenwillow Books Diana Wynne Jones was a powerhouse in the world of children's literature, writing more than 40 books in her career, including well-known favorites like Howl's Moving Castle and the Chrestomanci series. Today, I'm reviewing one of her funniest novels, 1998's Dark Lord of Derkholm. Pilgrim Parties are the worst. Every year,… Continue reading Test of Time: DARK LORD OF DERKHOLM

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New Release Highlight: VESPERTINE

Image Credit: Margaret K. McElderry Books Margaret Rogerson's newest standalone fantasy Vespertine fuses elements of Gideon the Ninth and Marvel's Venom into a poignant, cathartic story about learning to see the best in others -- and in yourself -- when the world has given you every reason to doubt. The heroine is also possessed by… Continue reading New Release Highlight: VESPERTINE

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Backlist Highlight: STAR DAUGHTER

Image Credit: HarperTeen Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar is a heartfelt fairy tale for the modern world, in which a teenager -- half mortal, half star -- must travel into a world of celestial magic and music to save her father's life. Infused with vivid imagery and Indian folklore, this is a wonderful next read… Continue reading Backlist Highlight: STAR DAUGHTER

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New Release Highlight: LAKESEDGE

Image Credit: Henry Holt and Co. Love beats at the heart of Lakesedge, but as our heroine fights for survival -- hers, her brother's, and that of the monstrous boy who has drawn her into his secretive life -- she discovers that to end a curse, love will demand sacrifice. With notes of Labyrinth and… Continue reading New Release Highlight: LAKESEDGE

Reviews, Test of Time


Image Credit: Houghton Mifflin Welcome to Test of Time! This new bi-monthly series examines classic science-fiction and fantasy with a modern reader's eye. Which books have aged gracefully, and which ones maybe need to keep gathering dust on your shelf? Let's find out. In 1968, author Ursula Le Guin published A Wizard of Earthsea. This… Continue reading Test of Time: A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA

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New Release Highlight: IRON WIDOW

Image Credit: Penguin Teen In this blistering debut, a peasant girl's revenge on her sister's murderer, a mecha pilot, carries her to the top of a futuristic world gripped by greed and misogyny -- a world totally unprepared to meet its match in a ruthless, ambitious Iron Widow. Xiran Jay Zhao was already one of… Continue reading New Release Highlight: IRON WIDOW