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New Release Highlight: THE QUICKSILVER COURT

Image Credit: Orbit

The Obsidian Tower was one of the best fantasy novels published in 2020, and Melissa Caruso raises the stakes with more political cat-and-mouse games — this time with way more demons (and their secrets) in the mix — in its stellar sequel, The Quicksilver Court.

Reeling from the revelations and betrayals of the first book, but still determined to do something about it, the young Ryxander and her new friends set out for an opulent court to sniff out the location of a missing magical weapon. What could possibly go wrong in a palace full of enemies both familiar and terrifyingly unknown?

Melissa Caruso is a seasoned writer at the height of her game, and it shows in The Quicksilver Court. An ensemble cast of this size can be tricky to juggle, but she pulls it off without a hitch and leaves plenty of room for the heroine, Ryxander, to stay in the spotlight. Her arc in this sequel is especially heartbreaking and well-executed, setting the series up for a stunning conclusion down the road.

This series and its predecessor, the Swords and Fire trilogy, are modern fantasy at its best: innovative, inclusive, and fun.

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